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Mayor Bloomberg: Stop the Sandy Healthcare Crisis and BUILD BACK BETTER

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Mayor Bloomberg: Stop the Sandy Healthcare Crisis and BUILD BACK BETTER

To be delivered to Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Petition Statement

Wall Street was up and running two days after Sandy, but the devastation of New York City’s healthcare system is still unfolding – and likely to get worse.

Several of New York City’s hospitals—Coney Island Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, NYU Langone, and the Manhattan VA Hospital—remain closed. This has left Manhattan with no Level One Trauma Center below 58th Street and a citywide shortage of more than 2,000 hospital beds.

Before the storm, many of New Yorkers – particularly poor, people of color, and uninsured – had limited access to healthcare. This storm has made that problem much worse – despite an outpouring of volunteer efforts by thousands of nurses, doctors, EMTs, firefighters, other public servants, and many members of the community.

It’s time to rebuild a city healthcare system that serves all New Yorkers. Let's BUILD BACK BETTER.
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Petition Background

After Sandy, New York City’s healthcare crisis is still unfolding.

Healthcare professionals warn that the aftermath of the crisis leaves New Yorkers vulnerable to the spread of infectious diseases, mold and dust, and clean-up hazards.

Thousands of New Yorkers – in Staten Island, the Rockaways, and Coney Island – are still trapped in their homes with urgent and unattended medical needs. Many are still without heat, electricity, hot water, or adequate food.

The storm has weakened a healthcare system that was already failing many of our city’s residents -- primary care facilities are not disaster-proof, emergency response is lacking, and the current infrastructure does not ensure care to all New Yorkers.

Mayor Bloomberg needs to take immediate action to fill the gap in care and take this as an opportunity to rebuild a better city healthcare system that provides quality care to all New Yorkers.

Take immediate measures to fill the gap in care left by hospital closures and the hospital bed shortage resulting from Sandy.

The Mayor must commit to a clear, safe, and expedited timeline for the full re-opening of Coney Island Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, the Manhattan VA, and NYU Langone Medical Center – and get those hospitals the resources they need to make it happen. And the Mayor must take immediate steps to fully restore the infrastructure at hospitals that were damaged by the storm, like Coler Hospital on Roosevelt Island.

The Mayor must take the lead in coordinating all medical relief efforts in the city, including regular monitoring of developing health concerns, adequate allocation and timely delivery of medical supplies, and regular communication and coordination with community-based relief efforts. The Mayor must also issue a formal request for much-needed assistance from FEMA.

Sandy and its aftermath exposed the weakness in our city’s healthcare system. Many already lacked access to care before the storm hit. Now is the time for our city to re-invest in our healthcare infrastructure, including ensuring disaster and surge preparedness, rapid emergency response, and a stronger safety net. It’s time to rebuild a city healthcare system that serves all New Yorkers.

Mayor Bloomberg, don’t let a healthcare crisis devastate our city. The time to act is NOW. Let's BUILD BACK BETTER.

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