Petition statement to be delivered to Rep. Mike Rogers (AL-3)

Mike Rogers: Debate Challenger Jesse Smith

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Mike Rogers: Debate Challenger Jesse Smith

To be delivered to Rep. Mike Rogers (AL-3)

Petition Statement

Congressman Mike Rogers,

Accept WVTM 13's invitation to debate your Democratic challenger, Jesse Smith, this October in Birmingham.
There are currently 347 signatures. NEW goal - We need 400 signatures!

Petition Background

Democratic Congressional nominee, Jesse Smith, has accepted an invitation to a debate with Republican incumbent Mike Rogers held by WVTM 13. The debate will be held in Birmingham this October if and only if Rogers accepts the debate invitation. He has yet to do so. WVTM 13 is trying to give the voters an opportunity to make an informed decision, and the voters deserve that right.

Mike Rogers has been hiding behind his incumbency for 14 years, and it's time to call him out. A representative must face those he represents. Time and again, Rogers has been called out to apologize or acknowledge voters, and he always fails to do so. Alabama Democrats, Progressives, and Independents can no longer stand for taxation without representation. Rogers is beholden to his donors, not his constituents. It's time to make him face the public and defend his poor record. What has Mike Rogers done for you in the last 14 years?

We must hold our representatives accountable. Sign our petition to have Congressman Mike Rogers debate his Democratic challenger this October.

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