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Mitt Romney: Shame on you for endorsing Rep. Steve King

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Mitt Romney: Shame on you for endorsing Rep. Steve King

To be delivered to Mitt Romney

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Mitt Romney: Shame on you for endorsing Congressman Steve King—a man who compares immigrants to dogs. Steve King's views are inflammatory and un-American. Pandering to extremists in Congress is no way to lead a country!
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Petition Background

Rep. Steve King recently came under fire for comparing immigrants to dogs, saying he hadn't heard of instances in which young victims of rape became pregnant, and supporting dog fights.

But at a recent campaign event in Iowa, Mitt Romney endorsed Steve King, saying, "I'm looking here at Steve King, he needs to be your Congressman again. I want him as my partner in Washington."

Rep. Steve King has a long history of attacking immigrants, women, and anyone who disagrees with his extremist views. Mitt Romney should be ashamed to call Rep. Steve King a "partner." This is no way to lead a country.

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