Petition statement to be delivered to Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director, Amnesty International USA and Board of Directors, Amnesty International USA

Moratorium on AIUSA Strategic Plan

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Moratorium on AIUSA Strategic Plan

To be delivered to Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director, Amnesty International USA and Board of Directors, Amnesty International USA

Petition Statement

We, the undersigned members, former members, and former staff, write with profound disappointment about the recent decisions made about the Strategic Plan and the staff layoffs.

While we understand that there is a question of debt that needs to be addressed, we know that AIUSA can pool its talented membership and staff and find a way out of the problem that honors our commitment to human rights and to truly being a membership organization.


We wish to express our vote of no confidence in the actions of our current Board and current Senior Management in approving the Strategic Plan and layoffs and we reject the Plan and layoffs.

We ask that an immediate moratorium be placed on the implementation of the Strategic Plan and the staff changes recently announced.
There are currently 283 signatures. NEW goal - We need 300 signatures!

Petition Background

[By virtue of signing this letter, we commit ourselves to jointly developing an inclusive, informed, and transparent membership-led process to review and redraw the Strategic Plan in a way that embodies the movement AIUSA can be and wants to be. This involves clear and easily accessible channels for gathering and sharing information, ample venues to provide input by all parties, and a commitment to not making structural changes until there is movement-wide approval.

We know that there are many good ideas about the next steps and commit to an inclusive, informed and transparent deliberative process to evaluate the ideas and come together on the way forward.]

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AIUSA’s Board of Directors and Executive Director has decided to restructure and eliminate valued staff without first developing an approved Implementation Process and Plan. The Strategic Plan reflects a flawed process which was not in conformity with AIUSA practices of seeking transparent and meaningful staff and membership consultation and therefore we reject it.

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