Petition statement to be delivered to Jeff Bewkes, CEO Time Warner and Jeff Zucker, CEO CNN

More News Coverage for Climate Change

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More News Coverage for Climate Change

To be delivered to Jeff Bewkes, CEO Time Warner and Jeff Zucker, CEO CNN

Petition Statement

Climate change: An enormous global threat with minimal news coverage. We're calling on CNN and Time Warner to give climate change the air time it deserves!
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Petition Background

As a mother and US citizen, I am appalled by how many climate stories are ignored by the major news organizations. It is time to talk about this broadly. Prime time news needs to cover: Major storms, biodiversity declines, resource depletions and regional instability that are all fueled by climate change. Meteorologists need to regularly discuss weather systems and how they are impacted by climate change. This is no longer a debate where climate deniers deserve equal airtime. That misleads the public by diluting the preponderance of supporting evidence. We know that most people are concerned about these issues, but despite the widespread concern, there is a culture of silence. Despite being an enormous, impending threat, climate change isn't being discussed nearly enough. The silence makes it easy for people to use denial or avoidance as their coping strategy, when the effective coping strategies are active engagement and large scale change.

I am asking Time Warner and CNN, as the second largest media organization and a trusted news source, to please include regular discussions and news coverage of climate change. These issues are relevant across news categories and only by increasing discussions and awareness can we foster action.

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