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Nebraska: Reject Keystone-XL Route!

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Nebraska: Reject Keystone-XL Route!

To be delivered to Nebraska Public Service Commission

Petition Statement

The Nebraska Public Service Commission must reject the TransCanada request to route the Keystone-XL pipeline through the farmlands, native nations, and beautiful natural scenery of Nebraska.
There are currently 50,870 signatures. NEW goal - We need 75,000 signatures!

Petition Background

The Keystone-XL pipeline is just one permit away from having all the paperwork it needs to be built.

Donald Trump may have given the Federal go-ahead as soon as he took office, but the Nebraska Public Service Commission can stop the pipeline in its tracks by rejecting the route that pipeline company TransCanada has proposed.

This is a key opportunity to say no to fossil fuels and corporate power of our rights, as Keystone-XL threatens to pollute our water, wreck our climate, and run roughshod over native rights to their land. Call on the Nebraska Public Service Commission to reject the route!

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