Petition statement to be delivered to The New Hampshire State Senate

New Hampshire Can’t Wait for Medicaid Expansion!

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New Hampshire Can’t Wait for Medicaid Expansion!

To be delivered to The New Hampshire State Senate

Petition Statement

Honorable State Senator,

Please stop playing politics with people’s lives. I call on you to encourage the budget committee of conference to accept the federal funds that have already been set aside for New Hampshire and allow us to cover up to 58,000 more of New Hampshire's hardworking, uninsured citizens.

Your support of Medicaid expansion is extremely important to me.

There are currently 368 signatures. NEW goal - We need 400 signatures!

Petition Background

The Senate voted to pull Medicaid expansion from the state budget, sacrificing billions in federal dollars and hundreds of jobs. This move was pure politics. The Senators who voted this way are willing to leave 58,000 Granite Staters uninsured just so they can say they did everything in their power to defeat "ObamaCare". They claim that accepting the federal funds is a "gamble" even though they know D.C. has always kept its Medicaid promises and even helped states more during tough economic times.

The fight's not over yet! The next stop is the Committee of Conference between the Senate and House. Sign the petition below to let your State Senator know that New Hampshire will not miss out on an opportunity to do the right thing in order to help our friends and neighbors here in the Granite State.

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