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Petition statement to be delivered to Personhood USA and Personhood Mississippi

No Means NO: Mississippi United Against Personhood

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No Means NO: Mississippi United Against Personhood

To be delivered to Personhood USA and Personhood Mississippi

Petition Statement

We, the vast majority of the voters of Mississippi who resoundingly voted no on Initiative 26 (the so called Personhood Initiative) in Nov. 2011 demand an end to any renewed Personhood push. The nearly 60% of Mississippians who voted no on this misguided and dangerous proposal were not confused or mislead. We voted no with robust, precise, and accurate knowledge of what our vote meant. Do not waste our state's time, energy, and already limited resources with another foolhardy Personhood proposal.

Personhood would only exacerbate the many serious issues of poverty, access to affordable health care, and education funding in our state. Mississippians already said no to Personhood and we meant it.
There are currently 1,676 signatures. NEW goal - We need 2,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Well friends it appears that nearly 60% of MS saying no to Personhood wasn't enough for some people as they have renewed their push for this dangerous and misguided law once again. The Colorado-based Personhood USA is meddling in our state's affairs once again, with the help of Personhood MS. After failing two times in Colorado, Personhood USA turned to MS as "easy pickings" in 2011, though little did they know that nearly 6 in 10 Mississippians would reject their meddling, unwanted efforts. With your help we defeated Personhood legislation in the MS Legislature, but this is another initiative (voter referendum) push to force Personhood upon us again.  Regardless of their unwillingness to heed the resounding call of nearly 6 in 10 Mississippians, we will not shy away from defeating them again! MS has spoken and it was clear and with full, unfettered knowledge of exactly what our votes meant -- we do not want the government prying into our bedrooms, doctor's offices, and living rooms - NO MEANS NO. Personhood concerns itself with some of our most personal decisions that should be left to ourselves, doctors, and families; certainly not a small, but vocal group of extremists who do not understand basic medical science and see women as host vehicles rather than full human beings, with all the rights and privileges thereof. 

Join Us by signing and sharing this petition and "liking" and sharing this Facebook page:

Also please be sure to inform everyone you know to NOT SIGN THEIR PETITION attempting to get this foolish proposal back on the ballot. They need approximately 107,000 signatures to force this nonsense back on us; let's be sure that doesn't happen! 

Please join us as we says NO to Personhood 2.0! Sign and share this petition and please be sure to "LIKE" and SHARE this great new Facebook page opposing the renewed Personhood push in MS; what nearly 60% of MS already voted NO on. We need to focus on improving all of the negative realities of MS (eg. health care, obesity, diabetes, teen pregnancy, STD/I infection rates, education, jobs, roads, incarceration rates, etc.) that place us at the bottom of nearly every nationwide positive indicator, instead of re-voting on something we resoundingly voted down not long ago:
NO on Initiative 41: Well, well there's an official Personhood 2.0 initiative, now known as "Initiative Measure 41"

Title: “Should the Mississippi Constitution be amended to state that the right to life as a person begins at conception?”

Description: “The right to life begins at conception. All human beings at every stage of development are unique, created in the image of God, and shall enjoy the inalienable right to life as persons under law.”

We were not confused, the 58% of us completely and totally knew what we were doing when we voted a resounding NO on the first absurd personhood initiative . The ample information, least of which was the tremendous amount of MS and national media attention on Initiative 26, only further helped ensure there was no ambiguity in the proposed law's intent and extreme consequences. Personhood is fatally flawed as it can never remove the definition and following extreme and widespread consequences of life at conception which no matter how you dress it up still carries with it the exact same consequences as Initiative 26 and any other personhood law across the country. Make no mistake, the people behind this renewed personhood push do not care about the obvious unconstitutionality of the law as they are extremists of the highest order.

Thank you for all that you do to make MS a better place for all! Together we will defeat this misguided and dangerous effort to insert the government into our most personal of decisions!

*Disclaimer: this effort is not associated with any group or organization, but rather is completely grassroots-driven to ensure equality and dignity for all Mississippians.


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