Petition statement to be delivered to Councilwoman Dannielle Glaros and the Prince George's County Council

No Super Walmart in Capital Plaza!

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No Super Walmart in Capital Plaza!

To be delivered to Councilwoman Dannielle Glaros and the Prince George's County Council

Petition Statement

We, the neighbors of the Capital Plaza Walmart, oppose the store’s expansion into a 24-hour SuperStore. We are concerned that this expansion would only exacerbate the problems caused by the existing store and not contribute to re-development of the 450 Corridor, which is an important economic development plan for the region and county.

When Walmart opened the store in 2008, they promised the surrounding communities that they would be a good neighbor and provide good jobs, a high-quality retail operation in a safe and clean environment, crime prevention in the parking lot and store, and maintain clear communication with the community. This has not been our experience.

Walmart also claimed they would bring economic benefits to our community, but failed to live up to that promise as well. This store has been the site of employee protests about wages, lack of access to benefits, and working conditions.

We ask that you, Councilwoman Dannielle Glaros and the Prince George's County Council, stand with your constituents in opposition to this Walmart expansion and advocate for a positive, community-oriented development at Capitol Plaza Mall in Landover Hills, Maryland on this 39 acre parcel. A 24-hour Super Walmart on the 450 Corridor is not in line with our vision for our community or county.
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