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No War With Iran

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No War With Iran

To be delivered to The United States Senate

Petition Statement

Make sure to protect the Iran Deal.
There are currently 355 signatures. NEW goal - We need 400 signatures!

Petition Background

I have family in the Iran and I have family in America. There’s a lot of love between these families… and frustration and gossip and recipe swapping and, you know, the stuff of families. And there's total agreement when it comes to the diplomatic deal between the U.S. and Iran—all my relatives agree that it's a good thing.

When the Iran Deal was signed in 2015 it looked like a huge step forward, like the US, Iran, and the international community were finally engaging in diplomacy from a place of interests and mutual respect. It seemed like the constant threat of some kind of war between the United States and Iran had finally diminished. That international diplomacy was working and long term engagement and, even peace, was possible.

Now, the Trump administration is threatening to decertify this deal, although every other country agrees that Iran is fully complying with its terms. But I know that my Iranian-American parents, my American friends and neighbors, and my slew of Iranian aunts and uncles and cousins all agree that for us all to be safe, this deal must remain. Without it, Trump could be putting us on a path towards a devastating war. This would be a war of choice, that could kill people that I love.

Senators - if Trump acts irresponsibly, it is your job to be responsible, to refuse imposing sanctions that could cause the collapse of the deal. YOU, dear Senators, are what stands between a stable, peaceful deal and something utterly catastrophic.

Again, please honor the Iran Deal.

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