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Oregon: Unfairly Accused and Convicted

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Oregon: Unfairly Accused and Convicted

To be delivered to Governor Kate Brown

Petition Statement

Help me clear my name of false charges and conviction. Help tell Oregon to step in and re investigate the matter. Help release statements from witness.
There are currently 395 signatures. NEW goal - We need 400 signatures!

Petition Background

I went on a trip to Boise Idaho with a family friend in November 2000. Upon getting to Boise I found out that this person was a run away from his mother. He used me for a out. On coming back from Boise through Oregon and stopped on a traffic stop. The family friend advised the Oregon officer that I had kidnapped him along with other charges. He knew he was going to juvenile cause he was a run away. I was arrested on kidnapping and other charges. I sat in county jail for a year on counts that I did not do. I was appointed a lawyer and at the end he took a plea bargain and bailed on me. The day of court I thought I was going to court but my lawyer had me sign the plea bargain and explained it later. I was looking at 6 1/2 years for crimes I did not do. I end up doing 14 months. The person came back to Washington and admitted to his friends that he lied to get out of the run away charge and probation charges. There has been at least 6 people to and make reports the Centralia Washington Police to what the person has told them. Centralia Police will not release, reopen, or make right the charges. They are keeping all new reports hid in files so they can not be found. They say that my witness are not creditable. 14 months in jail, 6 years probation, $5000 plus in fines and a life time of registering. This person has done this same thing to his dad, step dad, a case worker, myself, and was working on 3 others when I got back to Washington. I can not get Oregon, Washington to listen to me that there was a big dis justice done here and that he is the one that needs to be the felon. My whole life has been affected with this. My lively hood was taken from me as store detective, and all of my rights. I am asking for help with your signatures so I can send this to the Governor of the state of Oregon and get my name cleared of all of these charges.

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