Petition statement to be delivered to President Donald Trump, The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


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To be delivered to President Donald Trump, The Florida State House, The Florida State Senate, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Petition Statement

Stop pharmacies from discriminating and profiling of legitimate pain patients. People with incurable diseases shouldn't be treated like addicts, they have enough obstacles to face in their everyday lives. The medications prescribed by board certified doctors should be information enough for pharmacies to fill these prescriptions. Families are suffering too from this problem, when the bread winner can't attend work then everyone suffers as well. People in pain didn't ask to get a disease. If a choice was given, I can guarantee you that they would not choose this. Stop causing suffering and punishment of pain patients because of a minority that abused pain medications. It's not everyone's fault. The pendulmn has swung too far the wrong way and this needs to be more balanced. The conversation about pain needs to change. The pill mills are gone and now it's down to innocent people having to suffer. The old statistics and media news is now history. The state caused the pill mill problem by letting it go on for far too long and now it's time to stop and look at who your hurting. The legitimate pain patients and their families should be treated like citizens, not criminals , they pay taxes and vote too
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Petition Background

Legitimate pain patients in Florida and states across the nation are having difficulties getting their medications filled. Pharmacies are profiling and discrimination is happening against pain patients. The Institute of medicine has reported that 100 million people are living in chronic pain on a daily basis not including veterans, pallative care(nursing homes) and people under the age of 18. The state has the pharmacies in such fear that they are afraid to fill legal and legtitmate prescriptions for the vital pain medications. They are needed for these people to try and live functional lives without having to be bedridden by pain. Patients that are employed will have to quit their jobs and go on SSDI because they won't be able to take the pain anymore. They won't be able to work to support their families. This has gone past a crisis. This is a major health concern for everyone that's involved with a chronic pain patient. Small independent pharmacies are refusing to accept insurance for payment of these medications and chain phamacies are refusing to fill for patients. They are claiming there are allotments for these medications but the Department of Health says there is not. Something is not right here. Too many excuses and not enough caring of humanity happening here. The economy has been hit very hard on all Americans, housing, unemployment, food and gas prices. Patients need to be able to see their doctors, get their prescriptions and go on with their lives. People in pain can not get in and out cars going from one pharmacy to another trying to fill their medicine. They can not do this in pain. They shouldn't have to do this at all! Where has the all compassion and humanity gone?The discrimination of legitimate pain patients has to STOP NOW!! It has been made clear that our state government does not care about these people. I have the email responses from them to prove this. Many other patients have them too. The state has law enforcement harrassing people coming out of the doctor offices and pulling people over for no good reason. The pill mill problem was the state's fault, but they are gone now. They let these continue for years and did nothing, now we have a very lopsided approach to handling the situation. Legitimate chronic pain patients are not addicts and they should not be treated as such. This is inhumane and according to the Constitution, the rights of pain patients are being violated. The pendulmn has swung too far and this has to STOP. The conversation about pain needs to change! Old news and old statistics need to be history. We are now down to only legitimate pain patients having to suffer. They have RIGHTS to timely, effective pain care.

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