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Passage of The Madison Holleran Law

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Passage of The Madison Holleran Law

To be delivered to The New Jersey State House

Petition Statement

Make colleges accountable for accurately listing the numbers of suicides and attempted suicides on their campuses annually. Colleges must also be mandated to provide certified suicide prevention personnel counselors to help potential victims address their needs and allay their fears about the rigorous demands of college life.
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Petition Background

On January 17, 2014 a former student of mine took her own life. Madison Holleran was a freshman at U Penn, and she was also an extremely talented runner on U Penn's track team. Her suicide left a void in the hearts of so many people across the United States. This law would allow us to keep Madison's legacy alive, and help other young adults from choosing suicide as a way of escaping the pressures of college expectations.

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