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President Obama: Tell the Chinese Government to Stop the Dog and Cat Meat Trade!

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President Obama: Tell the Chinese Government to Stop the Dog and Cat Meat Trade!

To be delivered to President Donald Trump

Petition Statement

A recent exposé on ABC’s Nightline revealed the brutality of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. President Obama, please raise this issue with the Chinese Government and help Chinese activists end this horrific festival and trade!
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Petition Background

Around 10,000 dogs will be killed and eaten during the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which begins on June 21st. Over the course of the year, the Chinese cat and dog meat trade will be responsible for the death of up to 20 million cats and dogs. Activists have uncovered horrific abuse in the industry, including dogs being urinated on, beaten, stabbed, and boiled alive. Many dogs are stolen from families, stacked on top of each other in crates, and transported for days without food or water. The most recent investigation of the Yulin slaughterhouses adds to the mountain of evidence showing that using animals for food is inherently violent and unethical.

The US government is currently in strategic dialogue with China on a variety of global affairs. Additionally, China is feeling the pressure to stop the cat and dog meat trade and sales are falling. The time is now for President Obama to raise the issue of the cat and dog meat trade with Chinese officials and publicly condemn the industry. Like so many of us, President Obama is a dog lover. This is his opportunity to leave a legacy for the cats and dogs and cat and dog lovers of the world and show that animal abuse -- no matter the species or country -- is always wrong.

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