Petition statement to be delivered to President Donald Trump, Cathy Caponi, Vice President of Government Affairs, Sheldon Raab, The Washington State House, The Washington State Senate and 3 other targets (click here to see more)

Homeless veterans need our help

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Homeless veterans need our help

To be delivered to President Donald Trump, Cathy Caponi, Vice President of Government Affairs, Sheldon Raab, The Washington State House, The Washington State Senate and 3 other targets (click here to see more)

Petition Statement

Allocate and distribute funding directly to veterans in order to reduce homelessness (purchase homes), increase employment (entrepreneurship), and reduce mental and medical health challenges, all while boosting the American economy (reducing excessive debt and spending).
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Petition Background

Signing this petition demonstrates awareness that homelessness among veterans is avoidable provided resources are redirected and allocated directly to veterans in order to purchase homes, build businesses, or reduce personal debt.

Government funding designed to assist veterans should not be limited to corporations and institutions that seek to educate veterans, improve job and self-help skills, or seek to "avoid homelessness among veterans." We can do those ourselves with the right resources.

I retired from the United States Army in 2004. While pursuing a master's degree, I attempted to refinance my mortgage (with a good credit rating). Bank of America delayed this process so long that eventually I either missed, or was late with a couple payments, which disqualified me for refinancing. I then applied for a modification. This process became quite lengthy as well, and Bank of America threatened to foreclose on my home. After 2 years I began filing complaints with various agencies and government officials. It was then that Bank of America completed the modification process.

I have veteran friends who returned from the war with health challenges. They have had to beg for assistance just to remain in apartments (not houses they were purchasing). I have opened my own home to potential homeless veterans, because the so-called programs in place do not assist those who need a little help.

If the president allocates resources to support veteran entrepreneurship we can improve job opportunities for all Americans, limiting the challenges and funding associated with developing programs that supposedly help employ veterans.

I accepted unpaid employment as an intern in order to prove myself capable of performing the duties associated with employment that I was over qualified for. I only wanted to get a job I could feel good about, while helping others. I sought assistance with veteran transition programs and was denied assistance in building my own business. This business would have aided in developing many jobs for other qualified veterans and civilians. I now own my own business and have to fight with large non-veteran businesses and corporations for contracts supposedly set aside for veterans. All I get is “fee-for-service contracts,” equal to part-time employment at best.

I began using my "Post 9/11 GI Bill" benefits in order to attend Argosy University, Seattle (EDMC/40% Sachs owned). Half-way through the program, someone decided to terminate pursuit of accreditation. Even more discouraging, another decision was made to close the program due to lack of enrollment. My GI bill funds were consumed; I had a mountain of student loan debt; and I don't even have a degree (which would have carried little merit). This is criminal/predatory/fraudulent behavior; an act of Terrorism, and no one has been held accountable, yet veterans are the targets of such systems.

I suffered medical challenges that interfered with my quality of life. My income decreased, and my debt increased. Many of my veteran friends share similar experiences. Some self-medicate with alcohol and drugs. Reduction in personal debt decreases medical challenges associated with anxiety, PTSD, depression, and substance abuse, which puts a strain on the American economy. This is avoidable. You don't have to be a veteran to agree, support or assist, and we’re not asking for your money. We ask that you sign and pass along this petition. Thank you for your time.

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