Petition statement to be delivered to The California State House and The California State Senate

Help Protect Californians from Fracking

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Help Protect Californians from Fracking

To be delivered to The California State House and The California State Senate

Petition Statement

We, the undersigned individuals, urge you to vote YES on SB 4 (Pavley). This bill will bring much needed transparency and accountability to the oil and gas industry in California, requiring disclosure of fracking and other well stimulation operations to state regulators and the public. We have a right to know when and where fracking is occurring, what chemicals and how much water is being used, and the impacts on our water. Fracking has been happening unregulated in California for decades, despite evidence of harm from around the country. This bill is an important first step in protecting our environment, health and climate from the dangers of fracking.
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Petition Background

Help pass SB 4 (Pavley) through the California legislature. This bill will require oil companies to tell the public about fracking and other risky oil and gas drilling operations. Fracking and fracking related activities, have been linked to ground and surface water pollution, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, earthquakes, and property damage around the country, yet in California the practice is largely unregulated. There are no requirements for obtaining a permit, disclosing chemical or water use, or monitoring for groundwater pollution. This bill will promote the public's right to know and give us the information we need to keep fracking out of our communities. Transparency and information is an important first step in protecting our state, and our communities from the dangers of fracking.

Key provisions of SB 4.
This bill would require:
• A comprehensive framework for fracking and well stimulation regulations.
• A permit before well stimulation can occur.
• Disclosure of identities and volumes of chemicals injected as part of any well stimulation.
• Disclosure of the quantity and source of water used in well stimulation.
• Advance notice to neighbors of proposed well stimulation projects.
• Monitoring of groundwater quality, before and after well stimulation.
• A state conducted scientific study on the risks of fracking, acid injection and other well stimulation processes.
• Formal agreements between the Division of Oil Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), the Air Resources Board, State Water Board, and other agencies to ensure accountability, transparency and regulatory cooperation.

Petition sponsors:
Clean Water Action

Natural Resources Defense Council

Environmental Defense Center

California League of Conservation Voters


California Coastkeeper Alliance

Environmental Working Group

League of Women Voters of California

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