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Petition statement to be delivered to Governor Sam Brownback

Recall Sam Brownback

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Recall Sam Brownback

To be delivered to Governor Sam Brownback

Petition Statement

Sam Brownback's political agenda is set on underfunding public education, robbing from the state pension and highway funds, and ignoring the needs of our less fortunate citizens. Governor Brownback is morally and financially bankrupting the state of Kansas.
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Petition Background

The shining economic experiment that Brownback sold the citizens of Kansas has failed miserably, but he refuses to admit it. His real goal is to dismantle the government as we know it, and to that end he has gutted the state treasury, public schools, hospitals and other public services and institutions. Kansans overwhelmingly want good schools, good roads, and a government that is fiscally healthy and takes care of its obligations to all its citizens. While this is NOT an official recall petition (which cannot be collected electronically), it IS a way for citizens of Kansas to declare that Governor Brownback’s policies are killing Kansas and must be stopped. We ask ALL Kansas Legislators to join with us to re-shape and re-work Governor Brownback’s proposals.
• Fully fund public education as ordered by the courts.
• Honor the state's commitment to its pension and highway funds.
• Respect the state’s obligations to ALL citizens of Kansas, regardless of income level, orientation, gender or race.

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