Petition statement to be delivered to James Dolan, CEO, Cablevision/Optimum

They locked us out and fired us

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They locked us out and fired us

To be delivered to James Dolan, CEO, Cablevision/Optimum

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I urge Cablevision/Optimum to reinstate all 22 of the workers they illegally fired and locked out on January 30 and to bargain with the union in good faith.
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Petition Background

I got fired just for speaking my mind about my working conditions. That's not just wrong, it's illegal.

I've worked as a Cablevision/Optimum Technician for more than 6 years. A year ago, my coworkers and I voted to form a union, so we could have a voice on the job. But a year has come and gone, and Cablevision/Optimum management hasn't negotiated in good faith for a contract.

Along with my co-workers, I asked to talk to my managers. They say they have an "open door" policy, but when we wanted to talk, they said they were too busy. Then they fired 22 of us, telling us we were "permanently replaced".

They locked us out and fired us for speaking out about working conditions. That's illegal and just plain wrong.

I'm without my paycheck just as my rent is going up. I have two children, Alexis and Rayshawn, one of whom has had serious medical care needs which has left us with a stack of bills. Meanwhile, Cablevision's CEO, James Dolan, made $11.5 million last year alone.

Stand with me by signing my petition to urge Cablevision/Optimum to reinstate me and all of my coworkers.

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