Petition statement to be delivered to Rep. Alan Clemmons (SC-107) and The South Carolina State House

SC Government: Stop the Assault on Voting Rights

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SC Government: Stop the Assault on Voting Rights

To be delivered to Rep. Alan Clemmons (SC-107) and The South Carolina State House

Petition Statement

Vote "No" on H. 4549, the Third Party Voter Registration bill that overly burdens non-profit organizations, teachers, and other community volunteers. We'd lose a valuable civic service to the state, while putting even more administrative burdens on government workers.
There are currently 4,054 signatures. NEW goal - We need 5,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Background: The Voter Photo ID law was the first assault on voter rights in SC - that's the law the US Dept of Justice recently blocked and Governor Haley just vowed to fight for in federal court. She's taking a controversial law that already costs ~$1million, and committing another estimated $1million in legal fees (1). That's double-or-nothing gambling, with our (taxpayer) money on the line. And yet, there still are no documented cases of voter impersonation in SC - not a one.

Now, certain members of the State House of Representatives are doubling their assault on voter rights by introducing legislation that will restrict voter registration drives (2). One proposed bill targets non-profits, teachers and volunteers who help others register to vote. House Bill 4549 would add cumbersome requirements for community-based voter registration (with fines up to $1000 for not meeting them). The similar law in FL caused the League of Women Voters and Rock-the-Vote to suspend all voter registration drives. Teachers in FL have been fined just for helping their students register to vote. We don't need or want that in SC.

This bill (H. 4549), also called the "Third Party Voter Registration" act (3) will cause community-based voter registration drives to be a thing of the past if it passes. If you agree that's not good for our democracy, please sign today.

(1) "State's Lawsuit Over Voter ID Could Cost $1 Million", Renee Dudley, Post and Courier, January 29, 2012.
(2) "Lawmakers Eye 2 More Strict Voting Rules", Robert Behre, Post and Courier, January 29, 2012.
(3) The lead sponsor of H.4549 is Rep. Alan Clemmons (R-Myrtle Beach), who also sponsored the controversial Voter Photo ID bill.
(4) "The War on Democracy," Will Moredock, Charleston City Paper, Feb 15, 2012
(5) "Vote on Voter Drive Bill Set for Today," Robert Behre, Post and Courier, Feb 21, 2012 (NOTE: they adjourned the vote until Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012)

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