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To be delivered to Governor John Bel Edwards

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Gov. Jindal,

Last time I checked, abortion is still legal. Making it harder for women to get abortion isn’t going to change women’s minds – it’s only going to endanger them and get Louisiana a lot of negative media publicity, just like what’s happening in Texas. Don’t make Louisiana the next Texas.
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Petition Background

Anti-choice politicians in Louisiana are moving fast on a bill that could close three of the five abortion clinics statewide. Just like in the 1960s, women might be forced to cross state lines for the nearest provider to get the health care she needs.

We’ve seen what happens when women in entire regions lose access to abortion. In Texas, where abortion is impossible to get in the entire southwest of the state, women have been willing to risk going to Mexico to get the abortion pill and self-inducing abortion.

Gov. Bobby Jindal said he supports this bill, but his administration caved once to public pressure when it tried to close abortion clinics a few months ago through a sneaky regulatory maneuver. Does Gov. Jindal really want it to be his signature that puts Louisiana at the center of the abortion debate for months to come?

We must send a strong message to Gov. Jindal: don’t make Louisiana the next Texas.

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