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Spa World: Stop discriminating against your customers.

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Spa World: Stop discriminating against your customers.

To be delivered to Sang Lee, Spokesperson

Petition Statement

Spa World: Stop discriminating against LGBTQ people. Allow people of all genders and sexual orientations to visit Spa World to rest and relax.
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Petition Background

UPDATE: Spa World posted a statement on their facebook page referring to the backlash as "ignorant comments", told the Washington City Paper that this was a "miscommunication," and that "SpaWorld does not, and never has refused entrance to our facility based on sexual orientation."

In order for Spa World to be truly welcoming of its LGBT customers, we are asking for a policy of non discrimination and gender inclusion developed with local organizations and activists.

Spa World recently issued a statement that they do not allow "abnormal sexual oriented" and transgender customers into their facility, going as far as to remove someone who didn't fit conventional gender norms. All people should be allowed to use this facility without fear of discrimination.

Many LGBQT people have been loyal customers of Spa World for years, and no longer feel comfortable going. Many others may have avoided going for fear of discrimination. And while it is news that this is official policy, LGBTQ people have long complained of Spa World staff assigning gender at the door through different colored uniforms.

Beyond a new policy, there are many ways Spa World could become welcoming - training, family rooms, gender neutral rooms and clothing - we look forward to working on solutions in partnership with Spa World.

Life is hard enough - let's enjoy Spa World together.

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