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State government officials should refuse to send sensitive voter information to Trump’s voter suppression commission

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State government officials should refuse to send sensitive voter information to Trump’s voter suppression commission

To be delivered to State Government Officials

Petition Statement

Trump's vote fraud commission is a waste of taxpayer dollars and a distraction from the real threats our democracy faces, like our aging and broken voting systems as well as the documented Russian interference in our elections. State governments should not provide sensitive and personal voter information to a commission that has already inaccurately passed judgment that millions of people across the country voted illegally.
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Petition Background

I am the Secretary of State for California, and I am refusing to hand over ANY data to Trump's "voter fraud commission". You should urge your state officials to do the same.

For months now, President Trump has dangerously attacked the legitimacy of our free and fair elections. He continues to repeat false and unsubstantiated voter fraud allegations, all in an attempt to explain away his stunning loss in the popular vote last November.

Now, he’s created a so-called “voter fraud commission” that is run by Kris Kobach, a man with a long history of sponsoring discriminatory, anti-immigrant policies including voter suppression and racial profiling laws.

It sends a clear and ominous message -- and we have to be prepared to do all we can to save our democracy from Trump and Kobach.

This fight is only beginning, but let's pledge through this action to do everything in our power to defend the right of all eligible voters to cast their ballots free from discrimination, intimidation or unnecessary roadblocks.

It’s going to be series of tough fights, but I’m certain that if we work together over the next several months and years, we can protect our democracy and resist Trump’s radical voter suppression agenda.

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