Petition statement to be delivered to The New York State House and The New York State Senate

Step Therapy FAILS Us!

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Step Therapy FAILS Us!

To be delivered to The New York State House and The New York State Senate

Petition Statement

We the undersigned strongly support legislation A9397/S6464 which regulates step therapy & first fail insurance policies, requiring insurers to provide prescribing health professionals with a clear and convenient process to override such restrictions and ensures the health and safety of consumers. Establishing step therapy/first fail policies requiring that the least expensive drug in any class be prescribed to a patient first has dire implications as well as dangerous consequences for consumers and our health care system. Delaying patient access to medicines denies care. Patients and their providers need open access to all medications in order to maintain consistent disease management. Disrupting continuity of care can result in detrimental life threatening consequences to the individuals who are the most vulnerable and can actually lead to increased symptoms, more medical complications, and higher health care costs. The determination of appropriate medical treatment is best accomplished by open and transparent communication between the health care provider and patient. It is imperative that we protect consumers and preserve physicians’ rights to make treatment decisions in the best interest of their patients and ask for your support of A9397/S6464 and its passage into law.
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Petition Background

Take a New York minute and make your NY voices heard on an important health care issue that impacts our ability to receive the most suitable treatments. Let your NYS Legislators know that Step Therapy/First Fail protocol delays patient access to medications, creates more obstacles for patients and physicians to overcome, denies continuity of care, and FAILS all of us.

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