Petition statement to be delivered to The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Jerry Brown

Stop fluoridating our water. You're poisoning me.

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Stop fluoridating our water. You're poisoning me.

To be delivered to The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Jerry Brown

Petition Statement

Water fluoridation is one of the biggest frauds of the 20th and 21st century. It is making us sick and slowly poisoning us to death. It denies us our civil rights, we're being medicated without our consent and we have no listing of all the side effects to pick up from any agency. The Dental Association lobby groups are keeping palms greased so that elected officials, and responsible parties are turning a blind eye to the harm being done.
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Petition Background

My friends and neighbors, my constituents are slowly being poisoned to death by the toxic industrial waste they call "fluoride." My husband started having unexplained seizures in 2008 after moving to our small seaside city in northern CA. The only thing different about our life is we found out fluoride was added to our tap water. It's taken us years to figure this out. We befriended a gal that suffered with seizures until she moved out of town for nearly 6 months and only had well water and bottled water for her drinking and bathing. Her seizures all but stopped. Her meds were reduced. But she had to move back to take care of her 80 yrs old mother who had knee surgery. Once back on city tap water, she landed in ER after a 10 minute shower following a seizure.

I've been a councilwoman in this town for nearly 4 years. In that time, I've seen the California Dental Association come into our town and throw thousands of dollars into defeating the termination of fluoride during 2010 election. They threw money at the Democratic and Republican parties. Not one person spent a dime of their own money. Neither the Dems nor the Repub's did their due diligence. And they (CDA) lie with their astroturfing, pretending to be locals.

Our children are all overfluoridated. Residents are driving 1/12 hour to Oregon to eat out and will not eat in local restaurants because they suffer from things like thyroid and kidney disease and cannot afford to risk their health eating and drinking foods prepared with fluoridated water.

People who have to pay for water to the city are exasperated thinking they are paying to be poisoned. They have no freedom of choice and are having medication forced on them with no agency willing to provide a list of side effects.

Our civil rights are ignored. Our health is ignored.

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