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Stop Retailers from Selling Products which Discriminate Against Certain Animal Breeds

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Stop Retailers from Selling Products which Discriminate Against Certain Animal Breeds

To be delivered to Walgreens

Petition Statement

Stop selling "Pitbull Maximum Strength Pepper Spray" and other products that discriminate against certain dog breeds.
There are currently 8,723 signatures. NEW goal - We need 10,000 signatures!

Petition Background


I just received a phone call from the manager who purchased the product for the store in Garner NC. We had a pretty nice conversation on the phone about the mix up and why we found the product offensive. He said when he bought the product from the vendor all that he knew was that it was a pepper spray. He claimed that Walgreens sent all the stores an e-mail saying to pull it from the shelves. I asked him about the vendor or the manufacturer of the product, and he told me that he has the products which they are going to send back to the vendor, and once he gets this information he will forward it to me. I'm not sure I believed every word he told me, nor do I necessarily expect him to tell me the vendor, but at least they contacted us, addressed the issue, and pulled it from the shelves. When I get more information I will let you all know.


UPDATE: Walgreens and I have been in communication a few times this week. They have said that this product was found in 5 stores and all have been removed from the shelves. They said that if it is found elsewhere it has a different serial number, so they asked if I tell them if any more turn up. I have yet to get them to tell me the manufacturer. More info to come..

UPDATE: A new facebook group has been created to help keep people up to date on this issue. Please like this group

UPDATE: Another spray has been found at the Garner NC store. Feel free to e-mail me if you need another picture! This is NOT an isolated store! Barbara from this store 919-661-7344 was proud to tell me this was still on the shelf!

UPDATE: Thank you for all those who have posted on the Walgreens Facebook page, but their copy and pasted apology and assurances are simply not enough. I am supposed to hear back from them in 2 business days, when we will ask for the following. That they give assurances that all of this product is pulled from their shelves in case it was not simply an isolated incident, that they name the manufacturer or vendor of this product, that Walgreens provide training and supervision for the people responsible for their purchasing, and that they make a public apology on their facebook page and/or company newsletter. Furthermore, we will also be asking them to help, or donate $1 dollar for every signature on this petition to the local Chicago pit rescue which is responsible for this petition. Thank you for all your support and keep on sharing to get more signatures.

UPDATE: Several people have claimed that they saw this product at their local Walgreens. I have not received any confirmation, so I encourage you to go tomorrow morning to Walgreens, and if you see this take a picture with your phone and e-mail it to me with the location.

UPDATE: Walgreens has given me a case number and said they would forward it to management and respond in 2 business days. I however took initiative and called the Walgreens in question: (724) 334-1852 and the manager informed me that this was taken off the shelf yesterday morning. The picture many of you have seen (and several claimed falsely was photoshopped) was taken at 11:00 AM. Anyways, it is off the shelf at this one location (not sure about others), but keep gathering signatures and I'll let you know if any sensitivity training will be given to any or all purchasers... even of "local buys"

UPDATE: Walgreens has contacted me and says that it is a "local buy." They have said they will look into this issue and get back to me. Thank you for all your hard work and KEEP IT GOING! We need to keep getting as many signatures as possible!

UPDATE: This product was sold at the New Kensington PA location.

It has been brought to my attention that Walgreens in particular sells pepper spray titled "Pitbull Defense Maximum Strength Pepper Spray." Not only is this discriminatory, but it is ill-informed. Are pitbulls the only dogs or animal that attacks humans? Could this not be used against any other similar sized animal attack? There have been a lot of great pitbulls (Nipper from the RCA commercials for example). It's time to stop singling out pitbulls and start putting our attention on the people who abuse and train them to act and respond in an aggressive manner.

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