Petition statement to be delivered to Tim Stewart, Executive Director of OTA and Governor Mary Fallin

Stop the Eastern Oklahoma County turnpike!

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Stop the Eastern Oklahoma County turnpike!

To be delivered to Tim Stewart, Executive Director of OTA and Governor Mary Fallin

Petition Statement

We the undersigned feel the time is not right for a new turnpike in Eastern Oklahoma County, and that such a project would displace and cause economic as well as physical hardship to many more people than it would benefit. There are many in the path of this project with land, farms, businesses, homes and property that have been in their families for generations, the loss of which would be greater than any gain any turnpike would provide.

Therefore, we the undersigned call for an immediate cessation of all activity conducted in pursuit of this turnpike project. This petition is intended for Governor Mary Fallin, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, as well as any and all other parties engaged in the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike Loop project.
There are currently 5,453 signatures. NEW goal - We need 7,500 signatures!

Petition Background


The people of Eastern Oklahoma County, in order to protect our hard earned property, have determined to stand for our property rights in opposition to a proposed turnpike, the necessity of which has yet to be proven to the satisfaction of the residents of Eastern Oklahoma County. We are not willing to stand idly by and have our homes, farms, businesses, the very things we have spent our lives building, be replaced by an unnecessary turnpike.

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