Petition statement to be delivered to Event Coordinator, 3CDC

Stop the graphic abortion video being shown on the public square

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Stop the graphic abortion video being shown on the public square

To be delivered to Event Coordinator, 3CDC

Petition Statement

Dear 3CDC (513-621-4400): It is time to tell Created Equal that they are not permitted to show graphic abortion footage on public space. Fountain Square is a family friendly public space and such footage is not appropriate in this venue. Their viewing date is Thursday, July 11, 2013, stop this from going forward.
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Petition Background

Cincinnati's non-profit group 3CDC is allowing and anti-abortion group, Created Equal, to show a graphic abortion video. "The 9 by 12-foot TV screen, which is being brought to Fountain Square by the organizers, will feature a "graphic abortion video" and will be accompanied by high school and college students holding pro-life signs."

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