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Stop the Kansas Quakes

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Stop the Kansas Quakes

To be delivered to Public Affairs & Consumer Protection and Governor Sam Brownback

Petition Statement

Going from 8,000 barrels to 16,000 barrels, doubling the amount of wastewater that can be injected in wells has proven to be a mistake. What are you going to do about it Kansas Corporation Commission? Governor Brownback?
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Petition Background

The KCC put strict limits in place on wastewater injection wells in 5 counties in southern Kansas, 8,000 barrels, in July of 2015. It worked!

So they decided this September to increase that to 16,000 barrels, that's 704,000 gallons, and that is double the amount. Guess when the earthquakes started getting past 3.0 magnitude again? In September!

And now that Colorado is bringing their waste to dump in Kansas we have earthquakes in Ellis where the limits don't apply.

Ask them exactly how they plan to deal with this failed experiment.

Oct 24 3.5 18 km E of Anthony
Oct 24 2.8 16 km E of Anthony
Oct 20 3.6 13 km SSW of Caldwell
Sept 18 3.2 8 km NNW of Ellis
Sept 16 3.1 13 km N of Ellis
Sept 14 3.5 7 km N of Ellis
Sept 13 3.2 10 km NW of Harper

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