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Stop the Military Industrial Machine that is bankrupting America

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Stop the Military Industrial Machine that is bankrupting America

To be delivered to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Petition Statement

Most of our nations deficit is because of the waste of tax payer dollars being poured into the Military Industrial Complex that controls our nation. As a Matter of fact 39 cents of every tax payer dollar collected goes into our Military Budget. For years we have paid for the development of weapons systems that never were finished. Either because they did not work and never were going to like the Star Wars Defence System or were just way to expensive to have ever been tried. We are talking about trillions of tax payer dollars. We as Americans need to stand together and hold those responsable for such waste accountable at the ballet box. We must begin to elect people who will not allow this culture of war and waste to continue. We must get referendoms on ballets across America that stops this waste. Referendoms that state clearly that "We The People of the United States of America", do not want to live in a culture that fosters war and waste's so much on weapons that never become real. We must elect people who will not allow the Military Industrial Complex to make policy and control our elected officals. We must stand together and take America back from those who wish to continue this policy of war after war, of developing more weapons than we need or want.
If we are to reduce our deficit we must start to close the military bases around the world that no longer are needed and in many countries wanted. Bases in Germany, Britan, Turkey Japan, and countless other nations. Our Navy now has floating battle groups that serve the same purpose as many of these bases. At the very least we can cut down on the man power and weapon stocks we have across the globe.
If we are to get out of debt, we cannot turn our backs and ignore this problem any longer. We cannot turn our backs on those in need in our own country anylonger, no person should go witjout in a country as rich as ours. We must cut the outrages military spending that goes on year after year, decade after decade. Above all else we must stop the wasteful military spending, that makes the wealthy richer and richer, we must stop the waste of the billions of tax dollars. That allow this corruption to control our Congress and our White House.
I am not calling for the disbandment of our military, to not protect our nation from those that would try and do it and us harm. I am not even calling on America to not help those in need as long as their call is just and the threat real. I am talking about regaining control of this military industrial complex that is so out of the control of the people of our nation. That wastes our tax dollars and cost's the lives of countless people both American and not. That consumes so much of our tax dollars.
A Military Complex that has to much control of our nation and our Government. One that has lead to the death of a great President and was able to control our congress into privitizing parts of our Military so it may take more of our tax dollars. That has paid Companies Like Blackwater to do the jobs our soilders used to do and get paid Billions for it, while the men and women who serve our country are paid insulting amounts compared to those in Blackwaters Privite Army. A Military Complex that was able to get one of our worst Presidents to invade another country by laying out a background of lies. A puppet who made our nation an occupying force, instead of the Nation started lead the world with examples of good and righteousness. Instead we became a nation that lied about a threat that never was, weapons that did not exists. Then we were told we were there to remove a terrible dictator, even as we continue to sell weapons to dictators who are just as evil.
I ask that all Americans, no matter your party, or religous belief's, even those who have no religous belief at all to join together. To stand together and tell those who are elected to serve all Americans that we will not be that nation of war mongering any longer. We must raise our voices as one and vote with our hearts and our minds. We must become individuals again but also Americans again. We must open our eyes and not except the lies any longer, we must make America what it was meant to be, not what it has become. I did not go to college, but I do know right from wrong and that is all it takes. People who want America to be the nation our founding fathers wanted it to be. I think we all want a better world for our Children and our childrens children.
When do we stop the corruption and regain control over this military industrial complex that has cost Americans like you and I, and the world millions of lives American and those from other nations. While also costing us Billions and Trillions of tax dollars.
Please join me and lets us all change this culture of war that grips our great nation. Let us reign in the Military Industrial Complex that is destrorying our great nation. Lets try and make this the largest petition ever. Please sign on for change for the better.
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Petition Background

President John F. Kennedy was killed because he tried to stop the Military Indusrial Complex of America from robbing Americans blind. President Eisenhower warned of this problem in his ferwell address to the nation, and he was ignored by most everyone except President Kennedy, who was killed for trying to change the culture of war and weapons that were grabbing hold of our nation and now controls it. I ask you all why do we allow this to continue. Why? Is this not a free country, cann we not make a change for the better,

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