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Stop the Tampa Bay Express Lanes

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Stop the Tampa Bay Express Lanes

To be delivered to Governor Rick Scott

Petition Statement

Governor Scott,

I ask that you reconsider all plans for new and expanded highways, including the Tampa Bay Express Lanes, promote fix-it-first policies to rebuild the infrastructure we already have, and improve and expand public transportation, biking and pedestrian options for Florida.
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Petition Background

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is planning to spend $3.3 billion taxpayer dollars to add express toll lanes to I-275, I-75 and I-4 in an effort to reduce congestion. But FDOT has acknowledged that the express lanes alone won’t solve congestion and will significantly increase traffic. The surrounding community is also fiercely opposed to the project as it would result in demolishing historic homes, businesses, community centers and parks.

At a time when we are strapped for transportation cash, our existing roads and bridges are crumbling and transportation trends are changing, we must reorient transportation funding away from wasteful highway expansions and toward the repair of existing roads and bridges. At the same time, we must make critical investments in other transportation options, such as transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects, to meet Florida's current and future transportation needs.

Tell Governor Scott to halt this wasteful highway boondoggle. Add your name.

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