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Petition statement to be delivered to Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Stop Xcel's Energy Savings Rollback

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Stop Xcel's Energy Savings Rollback

To be delivered to Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Petition Statement

In Colorado, Xcel Energy is proposing to roll back their energy savings goals by a third.

Don't allow Xcel Energy to lower their energy savings goals. Xcel should do everything it can to reduce energy waste.
There are currently 4,667 signatures. NEW goal - We need 5,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Thanks to a state law passed in 2007, Colorado's for-profit utilities, like Xcel Energy, have eliminated energy waste equivalent to 210,000 households, reducing over a million tons of air pollution and saving millions of dollars.

Now, however, Xcel wants to roll back their effective energy savings programs by a third, and they’re asking the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to let them do it.

Stand up for Colorado energy efficiency: Tell the PUC to stop Xcel's energy savings rollback.

Comments are due to the PUC by April 21st, so we need to act fast. And the PUC doesn't get a lot of public comments so trust me: your voice can make a difference. Sign the petition and we'll hand deliver it by the 21st.

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