Petition statement to be delivered to The Illinois State Senate and The United States Senate

Stricter laws against animal abusers

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Stricter laws against animal abusers

To be delivered to The Illinois State Senate and The United States Senate

Petition Statement

Pass laws and enforce them mandating that all animals have the right to be treated humanely and with respect. People of any age who abuse any sentient being (animals-wildlife etc.,) are required to suffer stricter punishments. Abusing, killing, torturing animals is inexcusable and speaks volumes about our un-evolved society. Until animals have these rights and until the laws are changed, countless wildlife, domestic animals will continue to suffer as well as children by the hands of the abuser.
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Petition Background

From the woman who tortures turkeys at Butterball Farms to the American soldier on video tape beating a sheep to death with a metal bat, there are countless other crimes against animals. If we do not have laws that deter these crimes against nature, evidence proves that animal abuse is linked to the abuse and death of children. We demand that action be taken to give all animals rights. The right to be treated humanely and with respect. The subject should not be shelved for a later time or ignored in lieu of political agendas. Animal abuse caused by people young and old need to face harsher sentences and consequences. Animals are here to co-exist with us and they should have rights to be treated with respect and in a humane fashion and nothing less.

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