Petition statement to be delivered to The Oregon State House, The Oregon State Senate, and Governor Kate Brown

Support Oregon HB 3470 to limit greenhouse gas emissions

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Support Oregon HB 3470 to limit greenhouse gas emissions

To be delivered to The Oregon State House, The Oregon State Senate, and Governor Kate Brown

Petition Statement

HB 3470 would cap greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon and eventually reduce atmospheric discharges to 75% of 1990 levels. It would cover all major industries and all important greenhouse gases, including CO2 and methane. A portion of the funds generated by this measure would be used to mitigate the economic effects of the program on low-income communities.
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Petition Background

Climate change feels real and personal in the mountains of Southern Oregon. Winter has disappeared for two years. Last summer a catastrophic forest fire burned seven square miles of forest in our neighborhood. If current trends continue, we expect even more terrible impacts.

We feel that HB 3470 provides an exceptional opportunity for taking timely, effective action against greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

HB 3470 otherwise known as the Climate Stability and Justice Act, has passed the scrutiny of the Energy and Environmental Committee and is the only climate change legislation still alive in the current legislative session. Thanks to chief sponsor Rep. Phil Barnhart and Reps. Peter Buckley and Paul Holvey, who signed on early as co-sponsors, this bill has gained support among Democratic leadership and appears to have a chance to reach Governor Brown's desk.

HB 3470 is modeled on California AB 32, enacted in 2006. Over the past eight years, AB 32 has capped new sources of greenhouse gas pollution, survived a referendum, and proved beneficial to California's economy. In other words, the AB 32 model has been tested and is viable.

According to California EPA Secretary Matt Rodriquez, alternative energy is now the fastest growing sector of the California economy.

At this point HB 3470 still has ‘legs’ in Salem. It moved out of the Energy & Environment Committee and has been referred to Rules. Rep. Val Hoyle, chair of Rules, favors 3470 and plans to send it on to Ways and Means.

A cap and trade program could create jobs. The implementation of AB 32 in California has demonstrated that, once markets for renewable energy are guaranteed, venture capital flows in rapidly and creates new jobs based on alternative energy technologies.

HB 3470 includes provisions that would allocate a portion of revenues generated from the sale of permits to mitigate the effects of the cap and trade program on disadvantaged communities.

To learn more about HB3470, the Climate Stability and Justice Act, please go to: or visit the OLIS website to read the full text and written testimony at:

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