Petition statement to be delivered to The Indiana State House, The Indiana State Senate, and Governor Eric Holcomb

Governor Pence: Expand Medicaid in Indiana

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Governor Pence: Expand Medicaid in Indiana

To be delivered to The Indiana State House, The Indiana State Senate, and Governor Eric Holcomb

Petition Statement

Governor Pence:

Taking federal money under the Affordable Care Act to cover more people through Medicaid is the smart and right thing to do. Here is why:

The federal government will pay 100% of the healthcare costs for the expansion for the first three years and no less than 90% in the future.

Covering more people through Medicaid expansion is estimated to create over 30,000 new jobs in Indiana.

It would bring billions of dollars—up to $26 billion between now and 2020—into Indiana.

Approximately 800,000 Hoosiers under the age of 65 do not have health insurance. Over half of these individuals will have access to health insurance if Indiana chooses to expand Medicaid.
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Petition Background

Under the Affordable Care Act, states can choose to cover more people. So far, about half the states have said they will do this. Indiana has not yet decided. Governor Pence should expand Medicaid so that thousands of uninsured Hoosier will be covered. Also it will create thousands of jobs in the state as well as bring in billions of dollars in economic development.

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