Petition statement to be delivered to Giacomo Fallucca, CEO of Palermo's Pizza

Tell Palermo's Pizza - Stop the Harassment!

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Tell Palermo's Pizza - Stop the Harassment!

To be delivered to Giacomo Fallucca, CEO of Palermo's Pizza

Petition Statement

As pizza lovers, we love pizza - but we can't stomach attacks on workers' rights or unsafe working conditions. We care about quality pizza - and that means ensuring workers of ALL backgrounds are protected on the job.

We call on Palermo’s Pizza to stop its effort to interfere with the workers' organizing campaign by threatening and terminating your employees. We can't in good conscience buy your pizza anymore until this unlawful intimidation campaign stops.
There are currently 15,771 signatures. NEW goal - We need 20,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Over the past year, the efforts in Wisconsin have mobilized a new wave of activists. And the fight continues in Milwaukee, as the workers of Palermo’s Pizza are fighting to form a union in order to secure safe working conditions – and facing intimidation and threats by the frozen pizza company.

The company has even resorted to threatening employees with immigration audits in order to intimidate and frighten workers of all backgrounds.

In the face of unlawful efforts to interfere with their efforts to organize, these courageous, hard-working employees are standing strong in solidarity.

The Palermo’s Pizza workers call on pizza lovers everywhere to contact Palermo’s Pizza and tell them that customers won’t buy their pizza unless the company stops the unlawful intimidation campaign and attacks on workers’ rights.

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