Petition statement to be delivered to Sen. Ted Cruz (TX-2)

Tell Ted Cruz to stop lying about Obamacare.

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Tell Ted Cruz to stop lying about Obamacare.

To be delivered to Sen. Ted Cruz (TX-2)

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Ted Cruz: Stop lying about Obamacare.
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Petition Background

When Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said that 7 million people will lose their insurance under Obamacare, he was lying. Politifact called him out.

When Ted Cruz said President Obama "granted all of Congress an exception" to Obamacare, he was lying. Politifact called him out.

Now Sen. Cruz has taken this show on the road. He spent the past month dining off his dishonest talking points with party faithfuls in New Hampshire and Iowa when he should have been attending to the needs of his constituents.

Taken as a whole, it seems more about Ted than Obamacare. Or Texas. Because if he cared about Texas, he'd be doing something about the 4,4400 children who won't go to preschool because of the budget cuts forced by sequestration. Or asking why Texas is among the states with the most low paid workers in the country. If he weren’t lying about Obamacare, he might deal with the sad fact that his state has the highest proportion of uninsured the country.

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