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Tell the Senate to Pass Immigration Reform

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Tell the Senate to Pass Immigration Reform

To be delivered to The United States Senate

Petition Statement

Please support the pathway to citizenship in the Senate's immigration bill. All Americans, regardless of their immigration status, must be given a chance at citizenship. The 11 million immigrants currently living in the US without immigration status need a pathway to citizenship so that they can pursue their American DREAM.
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Petition Background

In America we believe that everyone is equal, period.

But that's not how our current immigration system works. Under our current immigration laws, immigrants currently living in the US without papers have no way to fix their immigration status and pursue the rights obtained through citizenship. These immigrants -- many of whom are American in every way but on paper -- are doomed to a life in shadows. They are prevented from doing things many US citizens take for granted, like driving, working, applying for credit cards, and even from visiting sick family members overseas.

The Senate will soon vote on an immigration bill that will would fix this tragedy by creating a pathway to citizenship for these 11 million Americans without papers. Through this pathway, students, workers, family members, and even some immigrants with deportation orders under the previous broken system would finally be allowed to pursue their American dream and eventual citizenship.

Advocates have been fighting for these reforms for years, and we have never seen a better chance for making these dreams a reality.

But some anti-immigrant senators -- lead by Sen. Jeff Sessions -- are trying to kill the bill by destroying the path to citizenship and promoting inhumane policies that would keep these 11 million people in the shadows so they "self-deport."

Our movement has reached a tipping point and we need your help to finish the job. We need you to tell your senators to support the immigration bill with the pathway to citizenship, now more than ever.

It's time for Congress to pass this bill. Please tell your senator to vote YES on immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million Americans without papers.

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