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The Death Penalty in Florida

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The Death Penalty in Florida

To be delivered to Governor Rick Scott

Petition Statement

I ask you to join us in a call to suspend executions in Florida. Florida is one of 33 states with the death penalty, but Florida has far more exonerations that any other state in the union. Death Row exoneration happens when the condemned prisoner is acquitted of all charges, or had all charges dismissed by the prosecution, or been granted a complete pardon based on evidence of innocence.

Twenty-four people have been released from death row in Florida to return to some part of a normal life, some after almost 20 years on Death Row. Seventy-four were executed without, perhaps, a fair trial. We want to make sure no more innocent people are executed. Join us as we ask Rick Scott to put a moratorium on executions.
There are currently 1,546 signatures. NEW goal - We need 2,000 signatures!

Petition Background

I, along with friends from Amnesty International, Valencia college, UCF, PeaceBuilders with Justice of Florida, and professionals like Joe Durocher, have worked against the death penalty for many years want to change the unjust Death Penalty in Florida. Poverty and race are more influential in the verdict than guilt. The Florida system is deeply flawed as shown by its high rate of exoneration: 24 men were released from Death Row when found innocent. Who knows how many of the 74 who were executed were also innocent?

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