Petition statement to be delivered to Tomas Young and Tomas Young

Tomas Young - Iraq War Vet/Anti-War Activist: Our Pledge to You

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Tomas Young - Iraq War Vet/Anti-War Activist: Our Pledge to You

To be delivered to Tomas Young and Tomas Young

Petition Statement

In February, prominent Iraq War vet/anti-war activist and subject of Phil Donahue's documentary, Body of War (, Tomas Young, announced he is ending his nine year losing battle against unbearable, intractable chronic pain due to injuries he sustained just five days after his deployment to Iraq that left him paralyzed from the chest down. Now dependent on a feeding tube, Thomas announced that after celebrating his one year anniversary with his wife, he will begin to wean his body off the liquid nourishment and medications sustaining him and slowly "go away."

Here is a link to a recent 3/21 interview with Tomas on Democracy Now:

Here is a link to a republication of the letter Tomas wrote to Former President George W. Bush and Former Vice President Dick Cheney on the 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War:


Dear Tomas,

As citizens of the United States and in honor of your memory, we pledge to work steadfastly to make sure we have a healthcare system that does not allow people in pain to suffer as you have been forced to suffer, and to make certain we elect public servants who do not squander American lives as the Bush administration and the congress serving at that time squandered yours.

We see you. We hear you. We will not remain passive. We will not be silent.

Farewell, Tomas, and thank you.

The Undersigned

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Petition Background

This petition is a pledge, a thank you and a farewell to 33 year old Tomas Young, one of the most prominent and inspiring Iraq War vets/anti-war activists to date, and who is now facing his own imminent death.

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