Petition statement to be delivered to The Oregon State House, The Oregon State Senate, and Governor Kate Brown

"Health Care for ALL Oregon" (HCAO).

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"Health Care for ALL Oregon" (HCAO).

To be delivered to The Oregon State House, The Oregon State Senate, and Governor Kate Brown

Petition Statement

Support universal healthcare coverage for all Oregonians.
There are currently 1,004 signatures. NEW goal - We need 2,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Please support my petition for comprehensive universal healthcare for ALL Oregon (HCAO). HCAO is an issue that we all should be concerned about because most of us represent the 99%, and we are only one severe accident or illness away from needing affordable, quality, and accessible healthcare services. Therefore, the purpose of this petition is to garner public support for universal publicly funded healthcare throughout the state of Oregon and eventually the entire United States. All residing Oregonians deserve equitable access to quality healthcare services designed to meet all our needs.

I am speaking from first hand experience. I am in dire need of healthcare services. However, I am over the age of 50, I have no children under the age of 18, and I am not working 20 hours per week. Because of these criteria, I like many others, am shut off from the Oregon Health Plan. Even if I were determined eligible by the current lottery process, which is unfair, Oregon health plan does not cover certain health conditions and or treatments. I believe every human being deserves comprehensive healthcare.

Therefore, a comprehensive, universal, publicly funded healthcare reimbursement system would provide for complete coverage and treatment for the common good of all.

It is with urgency that I ask you to please join me by signing this petition. This petition will be delivered to our Legislators and Governor asking for their consideration and support to pass legislation for a universal publicly funded healthcare for all Oregonians.

Thanks to all of you,

Glendora Claybrooks, Petitioner

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