Petition statement to be delivered to The Utah State House, The Utah State Senate, and Governor Gary Richard Herbert

Utah Clean Air, No Excuses Petition

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Utah Clean Air, No Excuses Petition

To be delivered to The Utah State House, The Utah State Senate, and Governor Gary Richard Herbert

Petition Statement

We, the undersigned, are sick – literally - and tired of Utah’s dirty air. We are also sick and tired of lip service by legislators and the Governor. For the sake our health, well-being, quality of life, and economic future, we hereby demand meaningful and immediate actions. Furthermore, we as Utah voters intend to hold said leaders accountable for these actions.
There are currently 9,180 signatures. NEW goal - We need 10,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Utah Citizens’ plan to clean up our dirty air.

I. Transportation Reform
• Expand mass transit through better funding, expanded service, and affordable fares that encourage increased use.
• Ten-year moratorium on new freeway construction.
• Statewide requirement for the latest emissions controls for all diesel engines, both commercial and public.

II. Big Industry Sources
• A ten-year moratorium on expansions and new fossil-generated power plants. This includes the oil refineries, Kennecott Copper, cement plants and any other heavy industrial point sources.
• Mandate maximum pollution control technology on existing plants within two years.

III. Smaller Industry Sources
• Close Stericycle NOW.
• Ban open industrial and agricultural burning. Includes ATK, metal recyclers, Hill Air Force Base, etc.
• Phase out and relocate Geneva gravel operations at Point of the Mountain.

IV. Regulatory Authority
• Allow state and local governments to enact stricter air quality rules than the federal government.
• Increase funds for the Division of Air Quality so they can do their job, including statewide monitoring and enforcement.
• End the domination of the Air Quality Board by industry. Restructure with equal representation from health and environmental interests.

V. Dirty Energy
• Stop permitting tar sands and oil shale. Stop making Utah the dirty energy capitol of the U.S.!
• Utah’s electric providers should give consumers more choices for clean, renewable energy.
• Implement a strong energy efficiency building code for all new residential and commercial buildings.
• Enact programs that encourage distributed generation and home/business heating (I.e., rooftop solar to power homes and electric cars, and geothermal heating)
• NO tacked on utility fees for home generated electricity.

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