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We stand with Albuquerque women

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We stand with Albuquerque women

To be delivered to Albuquerque voters

Petition Statement

Out-of-state and out-of-touch groups have come to New Mexico in a new effort to judge and shame women city-by-city. But I respect Albuquerque women and their families and their right to keep intensely personal decisions between a woman, her family and her physician.

Every pregnancy is different and making decisions to end a pregnancy is a deeply personal and often complex decision in which the government has no place.

I agree with the Albuquerque city attorney that a Texas-style bill is an unconstitutional violation of women’s privacy and I stand with those who respect women and vote NO to defeat it.
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Petition Background

Out-of-state and out-of-touch groups announced their plans to put a Texas-style abortion ban on our own city election ballot this October in a first in the nation test of a new strategy to ban abortions city-by-city.

Even though the city attorney has said it’s unconstitutional, they have an agenda to shame and judge Albuquerque’s women and make it impossible for New Mexico women to access safe and legal abortions.

Every pregnancy is different and making a decision to end a pregnancy is a deeply personal and often complex for a woman and her family. The government has no role in these deeply personal decisions, but that isn’t stopping these out-of-state groups from trying.

We respect Albuquerque’s women and that’s why we’re fighting so hard to stop this measure.

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