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We're now casting out cancer nurses

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We're now casting out cancer nurses

To be delivered to The United States Senate

Petition Statement

Tell Congress to give oncology nurse Maria Mendoza-Sanchez and her family permanent resident status under the Feinstein bill!
There are currently 8,085 signatures. NEW goal - We need 10,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Maria Mendoza-Sanchez is a well-known and loved oncology nurse. She and her husband, Eusebio, moved to the United States 23 years ago and have raised their children here, contributed to our country, and never broken any laws. But because of our broken immigration system in which there’s not even a line to stand in to get legal status, Maria and her husband have been unfairly cast out of our country as their children stay behind.

President Trump said that his administration would only round up people who have broken laws, but Maria Mendoza-Sanchez is a trained oncology nurse, has never broken a law, and is a beloved community member. Trump lied and now the United States is unfairly kicking out highly qualified cancer nurses like Maria at a time the country is facing a severe nursing shortage.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein said in a prepared statement, “This is a travesty, plain and simple, and evidence that Donald Trump’s immigration ‎policy is nothing more than a hateful deportation program targeting law-abiding families. It’s shameful and stands against the very ideals upon which this country was founded.” She has introduced a bill that would provide relief for the Mendoza-Sanchez family, giving them permanent resident status.

Sign on now in support of this bill and help reunite the Mendoza-Sanchez family.

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