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Whole Foods just fired a mom for the worst reason

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Whole Foods just fired a mom for the worst reason

To be delivered to John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO

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Nobody should have to choose their job over their son. Reinstate Rhiannon Broschat, and amend your policy to make room for family leave.
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Petition Background

Whole Foods--a company that thrives on its progressive image--just fired a woman for taking care of her special needs child during a snow storm.

But it messed with the wrong mom. When Rhiannon Broschat told her co-workers what happened, they walked off the job with her to strike in protest. Now it's up to us to have their back and demand Whole Foods give Rhiannon her job back and change its policies so no employee has to choose between a sick child and a paycheck.

As Rhiannon fearlessly told reporters, "I'm not going to choose my job over my son." But right now, that choice is costing her family the income they depend on.

Rhiannon's story has been all over the news in Chicago, but still, Whole Foods has refused to back down. Tomorrow, supporters in Chicago are planning a huge protest. If we all speak out right now, as the protest plans are hitting the news, we'll create a media firestorm in the national press and convince them to do the right thing--or face a publicity nightmare.

Will you join Rhiannon in demanding Whole Foods reverse its decision to fire her and change its policy so that workers never have to choose between taking a sick day and losing a job?

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